Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring: Bovine Ballet


First smell of fresh green
Dancers so keen
An early spring day
The stage for a bovine ballet


I like cows and enjoy seeing them roaming in the pastures near to where I live. Although the local farmers haven't let their cows out of their winter lodgings yet, with spring just around the corner it certainly will not take long before they do. Elsewhere some farmers have already done so and a photo in the local newspaper showed a very happy cow getting its first smell of fresh grass. I used it for a quick and loose sketch. Wax pastel on paper. Lente: Dansende koe. Snelle schets gebaseerd op een foto in de krant van een uitgelaten koe die van opwinding vreugdesprongen maakt als ze voor het eerst weer vers gras ruikt. Neocolor II waspastels.


  1. hey Rodney, like it that you describe your process, i think your drawing showes the happiness of the cow without a doubt!

  2. I agree with Lovelies! And in the end, it's not about if the drawing is correct: it's important how it works and how people react! I know the problem, sometimes I draw something that is correct, but it just doesn't work... and with a little change and imperfection it does!
    I think it's a very good and happy cow ;-)

  3. Lovely and dynamic sketch! We need her for next years cowrunning, it's a winner!

  4. Thank you all for the very nice cow-ments :-) Much appreciated!
    Rene, I hadn't thought of that. You're very welcome to lend her for next years cowrunning spectacle!