Saturday, 19 April 2014

Portrait Sketches (imaginary): Transparent painting on a textured underground

Series of quick abstracted (imaginary) mixed media portraits on a textured underground created with tile mortar. I started out with creating a textured layer on the paper and then tried to discover facial features in it and work from there, painting in transparent (watery) layers to let the effect of the texture show through. As the paper tends to get soaked and can start tearing, I had to stop in this stage. Perhaps I'll revisit them later.

Tile mortar, acrylic
21 x 21 cm

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Toast: Painting on a textured underground

Abstracted mixed media (transparent) painting on a textured underground created with tile mortar. I particularly like the hand. Contemplating the in progress state.

Tile mortar, acrylic
60 x 80 cm

Friday, 11 April 2014

Exhibition "Alphons Winters prize 2014"

This evening the first of six regional exhibitions for the biannual Alphons Winters prize was opened in the town hall of Kerkrade. I was pleased to have my entry "(Sur)Real Reflections" selected for this first round exhibition. In the upcoming weeks a selection committee will select works from the regional exhibitions for the second round final exhibition in Maastricht later this year. Vanavond werd de eerste van zes regionale tentoonstellingen voor de tweejaarlijkse Alphons Wintersprijs geopend in het raadhuis van Kerkrade. Ik was blij met de selectie van mijn inzending "(Sur)Reële Reflecties" voor deze eerste ronde tentoonstelling. In de komende weken zal een selectiecommissie werken uit de regionale tentoonstellingen selecteren voor de eindtentoonstelling in Maastricht.
(Alphons Wintersprijs 2014, Raadhuis Kerkrade, 11.4.2014 - 14.5.2014)