Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring: Bovine Ballet


First smell of fresh green
Dancers so keen
An early spring day
The stage for a bovine ballet


I like cows and enjoy seeing them roaming in the pastures near to where I live. Although the local farmers haven't let their cows out of their winter lodgings yet, with spring just around the corner it certainly will not take long before they do. Elsewhere some farmers have already done so and a photo in the local newspaper showed a very happy cow getting its first smell of fresh grass. I used it for a quick and loose sketch. Wax pastel on paper. Lente: Dansende koe. Snelle schets gebaseerd op een foto in de krant van een uitgelaten koe die van opwinding vreugdesprongen maakt als ze voor het eerst weer vers gras ruikt. Neocolor II waspastels.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Quick sketch with wax pastel. I did this double portrait a while ago and it's been lying around ever since as I rather liked the sketch in this part, it had the effect I was trying to achieve, but I completely messed up the sketch of the other person. I tried to repair it but it just didn't work out. In stead of throwing it away, I decided to keep this part and post it. Portrait for Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr. Snelle schets met Neocolor II waspastels. Portret voor Julia Kay's Portrait Party op Flickr.

St Paul's

Sketch with wax pastel. It didn't really turn out in the style I wanted to achieve, so in that sense I'm not particularly satisfied with the result. The quick scrap paper sketch I did of the same subject earlier rather appealed to me, so I decided to keep it and post it as well. Landscape for Lots of Landscapes on Flickr, a group in which members paint and draw landscapes from photos posted for that purpose. Schets met Neocolor II waspastels. Ben niet bepaald tevreden met het resultaat. De snelle kladschets die ik eerder van hetzelfde onderwerp maakte sprak me wel aan en besloot het te houden en ook te posten. Landschap voor Lots of Landscapes op Flickr, een groep waarin de leden landschappen tekenen en schilderen van foto's die voor dat doel gepost zijn.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Self-Portrait Sketch

Quick self-portrait sketch from a photo. Markers on postcard format. Snelle zelfportret schets met viltstiften op postkaartformaat.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Painting with palette knife, underpainting in warm colour (2)

Life drawing and painting, focused on painting with a palette knife on an underpainting in one single warm colour. Not particularly satisfied with the result, but still, here it is. Acrylic on paper. Portret & model-tekenen/schilderen, gericht op schilderen met een paletmes op een onderschildering in een enkele warme kleur.