Sunday, 22 April 2012

Joueurs de Cartes - Card Players

After doing some quick studies of individual card players (see my previous post with regard to this subject) I chose a different photo as a base for a painting of a group of card players, again a very characteristic black and white photo, this time by Alfred Eisenstaedt. I first did a quick wax pastel study and then set out to do a painting of it, starting with roughly breaking the white of the canvas with some greyed colours and then roughly sketching contours in bright green and adding some skin tones for facial features and hands. Contemplating on how to continue I rather liked the way how in several places the background colours coincided with and enhanced the contours and light and shadows of the figures and also how these figures seemed to faintly emerge from the canvas, so I decided to keep it in its rough state for now and perhaps just start on a new one.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Joueurs de Cartes - Card Players

Quick portrait studies of card players based on a very characteristic photo I came across while browsing for material for a painting of a group. Wax pastel on grained paper (21 x 21 cm).