Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Toast to Bonnard

After visiting the "Bonnard" exhibition in Wuppertal, I set out to do a playful sketch with some aspects of his work in mind, particularly colour, perspective, an interior (table) scene and a cat making an appearance. I used my mother's dining room as a base for a rough and distorted sketch of an interior and then added the rest from imagination. Ink pen and watercolour. Speelse schets gebaseerd op impressies van het werk van Pierre Bonnard in de "Bonnard" expositie in Wuppertal.


  1. Thank you David! Cheers to you in the Big Apple!

  2. Goed werk: krachtig en levendig! Het oranje en paars is gedurfd maar werkt prima.

  3. Rodney,
    how good it is when we got back from a beautiful exhibition intoxicated by the spirit of the creative artist ...
    I love Bonnard, is so fastidious and elegant!
    and you did a beautiful job!!
    is all right in the right place at right colors! ;))

  4. How very Dutch letting the cat sit sur la table..

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting Carol. Is it very Dutch?, I don't really know, but living here for quite a few years could have strongly influenced my perception ... :-)
    Greetings, Rodney