Wednesday, 8 September 2010

eGGheads on Newton

I've been intending to do some kind of cartoon based on some ideas I've had for quite a while, but didn't find it particularly easy to think up characters and a specific angle for such a cartoon. After a lot of doodling and trying things out I eventually came up with this cartoon named "eGGheads". The name of the cartoon of course refers to the shape of the characters heads, but furthermore it also hints on the definition of the word "egghead"; the Oxford Dictionary defines "egghead" as an informal noun meaning "a highly academic or studious person; an intellectual". In this sense the word is also used in a BBC general knowledge quiz show in which teams from all over the UK battle to beat the "Eggheads", a team of five highly regarded quiz and game show champions (including Mastermind and Brain of Britain). The concept of my cartoon is that of a brainy and rather fierce egghead character (a true representative of his kind according to the above definition) that likes to share (or is it just plain showing off?) his knowledge and meets up with some rather laid-back egghead characters (certainly no true representatives of their kind according to the above definition), perhaps best to be described as the bad eggs in the bunch. I hope you enjoy it. Ik liep al een tijdje rond met wat ideeën voor een strip en uiteindelijk is dit het resultaat geworden; vooralsnog alleen in het Engels.


  1. ha! That professor character makes me laugh. Love how mean he looks, and then how his tie sags in the last frame.

  2. Thank you all! I feel encouraged to do some more.