Sunday, 25 December 2011

Self-Portrait Sketches

I haven't been drawing much lately, no inspiration and not very satisfied with the things that I have attempted. In between Christmassy things, like browsing through my recently purchaised copy of the very inspiring "Julia Kay's Daily Portrait Project" (which I festively opened on Christmas Day), I did two very quick and rough self-portrait sketches on an iPad from a mirror-image. Their simplicity rather appealed to me, so I decided to post them. Snelle zelfportret iPad-schetsen (Brushes App).


  1. Door hun eenvoud vind ik ze echt heel goed werken. Vind het zwart/wit ook leuk. Misschien moet je weer plezier in het tekenen krijgen?
    Ik wens je een hele fijne jaarwisseling en veel creativiteit voor 2012 ;-)

  2. I think it is very difficult to do a self portrait, I probably wouldn't be able to do so...

    I liked the fact that you drawn these sketches with a humor and distance:) And I'm glad that you're experimenting with the style. It proves that you develop all the time:)

    really nice work!!!

  3. Dank je wel Céline! Jij ook een heel fijne jaarwisseling toegewenst en een gelukkig en gezond en uiteraard ook een zeer creatief 2012!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments Flara! You describe exactly how I did these sketches, with a bit of humour and distance, quickly sketching from a glance in the mirror during a busy Christmas Day. I'm sure you'd do fantastic self-portraits as all your sketches are so confident!