Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Quick fountain pen portrait sketches #19. Portrait for Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr. I wouldn't mind a serious (cross) hatching-course. I tend to make a mess out of it. Snelle vulpen portret schetsen #19. Portret voor Julia Kay's Portrait Party op Flickr.


  1. Ik vind hem super! Ik begrijp wat je bedoelt, bij mij word het echt een zooitje met pen, terwijl ik dat leuk vind om te doen en heel mooi ook. Ik zou de schets graag groter willen zien ;-) maar ik vind dat het je echt goed gelukt is!

  2. Dank je wel Céline, leuk om te lezen!

  3. wat stom dat ik er niet aangedacht heb om op de foto te klikken! Super! kon er nu eens goed naar kijken;-)

  4. Goed zo Céline :-) en wederom bedankt!

    Dank je wel Lies, leuk om te horen!

  5. Your portraits are saying a lot about the man and his character - for example, this man looks like thoughtful dreamer, maybe some artist ... Am I right? :)

  6. Thank you Flara! Very nice to read that that is your perception of my portraits as it is something I certainly try to achieve! I know a few of members of Julia Kay's Portrait Party personally, but most of them (like in this case Steve) just form the pictures and desciptions they give of themselves on Flickr and also from their comments on other members' works etc. But I do try to catch the personality based on all that information. And you're absolutely right! Steve is indeed an artist; he's a character actor, musician and visual artist.

  7. very good, Rodney
    free traces, grouped lines,
    forming plans and volumes
    here they are Steve!

  8. Thank you Denise, much appreciated!