Friday, 5 August 2011

Lucian Freud (2)

After painting a first portrait of Lucian Freud just a few days after he died (see my previous post with regard to Lucian Freud), I set out to do a second one, this time experimenting with quick broad and loose brushstrokes in combination with vivid colours. Some last-minute adjustments to the mouth and chin rather messed up the likeness it had before. I decided not to try to readjust with the risk of losing more of its previous spontaneity and just leave it as it is. Based on a photo I came across on the internet. Acrylic on canvas (30 x 40 cm).


  1. Thank you Skizo, much appreciated!

  2. Rodney,
    these strokes are amazing!
    I was impressed with their eyes, is the best!
    very lively and natural ... congrats!
    great job and a beautiful tribute.
    a big hug

  3. Thank you very much Denise for your encouraging comments, much appreciated!

  4. Hoi Rodney, ik vind het portret erg goed, door de kleuren is deze een beetje vriendelijker dan de eerste met groen, maar ik weet niet welke ik beter vind;-)
    Dankjewel trouwens voor het leuke/lieve commentaar op mijn tekening!