Sunday, 7 November 2010

Waiting for the Maestro

Another sketch inspired by aspects of Bonnards work as seen in a recent exhibition, particularly an interior scene, perspective, a faithful little (dachshund) dog and a cat demanding attention. It started out as a quick preliminary sketch of this idea I had for a watercolour, but I got a bit carried away drawing with my new fountain pen and eventually decided to just leave it as it is and do a separate watercolour version later on.


  1. you did well to leave it in features, is great!
    drawing itself, asking the leave, in line ...

    ... and caught my attention, because it is
    very similar with my black Bechstein! ;)
    a big hug!!

  2. Hi Rodney,

    Thanks for your positive comment on my blog!
    Found yours because you also like Bonnard, i went there too in Wuppertal
    and i see you also like animals:-)
    What's it with Bonnard and Cats?