Sunday, 4 April 2010

Colour triptych Elle

Final version of the colour triptych that I made during the portrait & model class for the exhibition with the theme "Colour". It's based on a photo triptych (in black and white) that I came across on the internet and found very striking. As it didn't mention the name of the young woman depicted, I chose to name her "Elle". Acrylic on canvas (60 x 60 cm each). Kleurendrieluik geschilderd voor de expositie "Kleur bekennen" in Landgraaf.


  1. Wonderful!!
    I really like it.

  2. One can learn alot by working with an analogeous palette. I painted with only blues for a whole year... mostly with phathlocyanine!

  3. Hey, i´m mexican and I found this paintings in google, i just loved the triptic, it´s wonderful!

  4. Thank you Cris, I really appreciate your enthusiastic comment! Best wishes to you in Mexico!