Friday, 5 February 2010


I like the way many artists have made cats a subject in their art. Théophile Steinlen and Pierre Bonnard are just two artists whose depictions of cats I find really special (and I'm certainly not the only one ... came across this very enthusiastic blog-report on paintings of cats and Bonnard's cats in particular: Pierre Bonnard - a great painter of cats). So when, in an ad for pet supplies, I saw a photo of a cat lying in this very majestic pose, I just had to try it out myself and catch it in a (ink pen-) watercolour. Ik hou van de manier waarop veel kunstenaars katten hebben verbeeld in hun kunst. Theophile Steinlen en Pierre Bonnard zijn slechts twee kunstenaars wiens afbeeldingen van katten ik zeer bijzonder vind. Hier een poging om zelf een kat, afgebeeld een reclamefolder, in een (inktpen-) aquarel te vangen.

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  1. Hi Rodney-

    Lovely watercolor- please do more of cats.

    Thanks for finding and linking my blog post on Bonnard and cats. It was a labor of love, and took ages trying to find all the paintings! I can't remember how I started looking at Bonnard vis a vis cats, but got totally fascinated. I'm still convinced there are hidden cats in some of the same paintings.

    It was really fun, because I emailed the art blog person who had posted one Bonnard from the Phillips in DC, and he wrote back "Bonnard's cats are the best cats".

    I'll have to check out Théophile Steinlen's work and look at the cats. I've let my kitty blogging slip a bit, so maybe this will inspire me to do another art post.

    Lucky you, having been able to visit the Ambrosie Vollard exhibition in Paris. Seeing images of paintings in books or online is no comparison to seeing paintings in the flesh, especially when they're not behind glass.

    Best wishes,